Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A look into 2009

Gosh, time flies so quickly. It seems like just 3 months ago when I saw the fireworks at the countdown in Sunway. And now, its time for another countdown. Did time fly past because I was too busy doing stuff rather than enjoying life? Or did it just whiz by because I was living in my own land.

But whatever it is, I realized that I wasted a big part of the year feeling miserable. I was down but I know that I need to put in an effort to pick my self up. And I did put in lots of heart space into pampering my self and making 2009 yet another year to remember!

Just like all newspapers have their most memorable events of the year, here are mine too. In no specific order.

1. Going to Japan. Something I dreamed of and somewhere I could only watch on TV. But
touching down in Japan was the happiest moment of 2009. The lovely memories. I will
be back in Japan again!!

2. Seeing snow for the first time in Japan. It doesn't snow in Tokyo but somehow, a
few flakes fell and it was just stunningly beautiful. Nature is so perfect and

3. Completing my diploma in Tan Tock Seng Hospital in Singapore in Clinical Hypnosis.
It is something that will lead me to a good future and at least, my wish for
studying abroad was sort of fulfilled.

4. Meeting good friends. Some became my mentors, some my confidantes, some my guardian
angels and some who are just wonderful to be around with.

5. Climbing up Gunung Batur. The volcano on Bali. Never would I have thought I could
achieve that feat ... its a great challenge and it proves that when you want to do
it, you can do it!

6. Great outings with friends and families, the dinners, movies, parties, chit- chats
that will always be appreciated.

7. Zorbing, ab-sailing ...... little thrills that I would never forget.

8. A trip to Hong Kong. Though hot and I ended in a HK police station and came back in
a wheel chair .... it was truly an long needed break.

9. Being a chee- mui for Sue Yee and joining her entourage to Sandakan. It was fun ...
planning the games to trash the boys and I got my little share of sight- seeing too!

10. Having a milestone challenge at the end of 2009. It gives me the drive, toughens
me up and braces me for the big big world out there.

11. A lovely break with friends in Genting. It was raining and oh so cold. I really
enjoyed the chat with a friend as we shiverred outdoors. Crazy but serene.

12. Having a road trip and bbq by Port Dickson. Catching la-la and playing on the
pebbly beach. We just never get tired of outings with friends.

13. A 10 year anniversary since my highschool graduation. We still keep in touch and
meet up for drinks .. but boy, how time flies and we are all different and grown

14. Falling in love with music, my friends, my family, puppies and over grown puppies,
food, fun, exploration.

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-seokie- said...

Hey Joyce! It seems like you had a very eventful 2009. I would like to go to Japan one day..that is..after I learn Japanese..which is after I learn Mandarin..:P

Happy New Year to you and your family!