Thursday, May 29, 2008

Its a Secret!

Haha ...... i'll keep it a secret as to how many times I've been to Secret Recipe the past few weeks! All thanks to Jason who gave me those free brownie vouchers. haha share the joy of brownies and share the fat too eh?

The past few times, I just walked in the restaurant, packed a brownie and had it in the office... But its a disaster if you decide to dine in. Perhaps its their sales gimmick. The super huge posters and the smells coming from your neighbour's tables make you want to order stuff.

And I'm one such sucker with weak will power! So hands up to flag the waiter!! One Tom Yum soup for me!! ooh ........ and I loved it! Though it made my eyes water, I had to drink the soup to the last drop. Sour yet creamy ......and the veggies in it are so crunchy! I wonder if I can order mushroom tom yum soup.

Well, for appetizer I had cheese brownie, main course I had tom yum and dessert I had some crumble cake!! Lovely!! The crunchy crust and the soft cheese topping makes it too good for any diet.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Same old me..

Lets see, its the end of Monday. 18 more days till the big day ...... and what have I been doing?

-Pushing all my appointments, refusing to go out
-Reading the papers from front to back (something I haven't done since Form 5)
-Watch National Geographic (on space ...

Clear out expired chocolates from my fridge. Hmm... I wonder what other things I can do to keep me away from studying?

When I was in Standard 1, I was like that

When I was in Form 1, I was like that

When I was in A-levels, I was like that

When I was in my bachelor's, I was like that.

When I'm doing my post-grad, still like that ...

Whole new site

Yup, its a migration .. from my old site
Well, the reason why I shifted here is actually the result of procrastination.
Yup, exams for my hypnosis course are coming soon and here I am ... stating a new blog, pedicuring my toes, baking brownies and going through my sticker collection? Somebody slap me ok?
But I guess old habits never die. From my schooling days, till graduation, till work, till post grad ... my habit is there.
Quick! Someone hypnotize me!!