Thursday, November 27, 2008

Joycy's project

I have been on this crazy experiment for the past week.... absteining from MSN and Facebook. Well, I know it was a very sudden thing, a last minute a-ha! decision. And when I made it, I just closed all applications ... immediately. Without telling anyone where I was or what happened to me. my apologies if I worried you guys!

But I did it for a reason. Well, I actually wanted to do something crazier (some of you might know what it is). I know deep down inside that I will be partaking this  'task' for research and experience only. I know that I will be able to pull a stop when I want to. But there is this nagging feeling in me (and also many nagging voices beside me) that says ...'what if I can't call it to stop'?

Thus ... branch A of my master plan was born. I will take away something that I truly love for a while, and see what the feeling is like. MSN & Facebook! The greatest creation of man kind.  I wanted to feel how missing a part of you would be like ... how different it would be to break a habit and do something else ... how you would spend the times normally spent facebooking .... 

And the result? Well, I was pretty cool on the first day. Finding other things to surf on the net. Then on the proceeding days, I seem to hallucinate the little MSN pop up at the corner of the screen. I unconsciously click on the MSN/ FB icons (but of course I don't log in). Then after a few days I start giving myself so many excuses to need to chat with my friends. Even for people I don't normally contact .... the need arose! I felt socially ostracized. I missed being in touch with people, I missed being up to date.

As the days went by, the urge became stronger and stronger ... but since I set the timeline myself,  I had to stick to it. I found things to do to keep me occupied, to distract myself. Of course there was work in the office, I left office early so I won't have to face the computer so long, I went out with friends, cooked dinners, started knitting, read books (all to keep away from the pc at home). 

I know its a stupid experiment. Not the least likely to be able to gauge the feeling of having something taken away FOREVER! It was just a temporary measure. As I know I will get back my joys after a week, the abstenence was not that bad. But at least, I know a little of what it felt like ..... and if I want to know the effects of my master plan, I will need to multiply this feeling by a hundred.

And the conclusion on my master plan .... to be announced soon!
It didn't occur to me when I was FB-ing .... but as I was writing this report, something a friend said made so much sense ...
' Why defend our believes if we truly belief?'

Monday, November 24, 2008

O Christmas tree

My master piece ... Check out the one of a kind ornament that I put on the tree. It's white, has a tail and does not belong to my Mac. 
And oh what fun it is, to listen to carols, while having the cool air of a fake air conditioned winter, watching the Christmas lights blinking in front of me ...... oh how I love Christmas. And there are so many reasons for me to do so ...

1) Christmas carols
2) Christmas parties
3) Christmas trees
4) Presents under tree
5) Fruit cake and sherry
6) Wrapping presents
7) Shopping for presents
8) Seeing friends receiving your gifts
9) Photo taking with your friends
10) Santa Claus

Sunday, November 23, 2008

5 down 2 to go

I'll do anything for the sake of research ... or call me the guinea pig

I feel it, I know it
I'm getting weaker by the days
My fingers are feeble
My mind is astray ....

I'm hidden in the dark closet
With spiders as my best friends
I am crying alone in silence
Praying for the key to be found....

So this is what its like
Longing for something so dear
Unable to touch it while its near

So now I experience it
Not appreciating it when its right in front of you
Not enjoying it when the company is right with you

Absence makes the heart grow fonder
I do not want to lunch alone
I do not want to spend nights in silence
I do not want to be left out in the world

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Stupidity kills

Here is a little game for you .... guess which plaster is the new one? haha, the ironic  thing? Both my injuries are on my index finger, on the left and right hand. How could I injure those? They are oh so important for IMR ... sheesh ... no therapy for the next few days..

See those two cute little balls? Well, they are from .... and its all his fault I got injured while playing with them. They are actually key chains, with the metal ring attached on top. So when the first ball dropped off, he gave me the second ball. And when the second ball dropped off, I couldn't take it anymore. (see how fragile and useless they get, perhaps we don't need it but at times, they're fun to roll around) They needed taming, needed fixing.

No tools in the office, only 2 pairs of scissors to act as plyers. Well, it might be a little dumb .... infact very dumb to use the scissors to force open metal rings .... the result? 

Orphaned balls and wounded fingers ... no wonder I am typing so slowly.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Need to be responsible

Don't people know that having a pet is like having a kid?
Just like a baby, you need to spend time to care and love it.
You need to have the financial resources to feed it or clothe it.
You need to have commitment to teach it and train it.
You need to play with them to show them the human touch.

It is not merely walking into a shop and buying a doggie soft toy.
It is not just the thrill of opening a Christmas present and see a puppy inside.
It is a walking, living and feeling thing .... so think before you commit. 

It is not uncommon now. Foreign students who thinks that they are loaded, buys a designer dog, loves it while they are studying here and just dump them when they return to their home country. Leaving the poor dog lost on the streets, not knowing where to find food ... and worse, wondering where their owners, or parents are. Wondering when they will come back for them.

Those poor little things can feel the hurt too. Feel the pain of being abandoned. Feeling the hope that will be broken soon. Is this the right way to treat them? Don't they know that animals have feelings too? They have rights .... just like us!!

Oh .. those stupid irresponsible self centered beings that don't deserve to be called humans!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Do you know him?

Received a surprise when I reached home after the weekend. When the car pulled up the driveway, I noticed that Zeus's bungalow was wrapped in plastic, as if a serial killer was quarantined in there. Put in the corner of the garden, it was dark and the jasmine bush was making it feel a wee- bit haunted. It was dark and drizzling ... giving it the effects of the spine tingling shudder.  Zeus's house has been abandoned as my little brat has taken over control of my house! And my room! So it was something fishy! 

Then I heard scratching sounds, and Zeus was barking like mad ... damn, dogs can sense these kinds of stuff easily. Freaky! So I took a peek. It was black ... and it smells .... 

hehe .... Do you know him? A lost dog followed my mum home. So if you know of anyone who lost a dog around Damansara Jaya, let me know. Mum found it on Sunday ... so keep a look out ya!

I suspect it does not have eyes as I can't see them. But its super cute when it jumps up your lap or stand on its 2 hind legs when begging for food. This little fella can really spin around too. But its no fun  that you can't use it as a foot rest or you can smack the fella as you're afraid you might break the bones ..... hmm, actually, there is no space big enough for you to put your whole hand. Big dogs are the nicest. Especially cute is when the big dog plays with the small dog. haha cute to see the big buffalo trying not to squish the small one. Or its funny to see the small one swept back when Zeus wagged his tail. 
So help me spread the word of this poor orphaned dog yea?

My utopian thought

Just got back from a trip to Singapore. And once in a while, I wonder if it is worth it? True, i get fun times, loads of it, but of course there are also the hassles. Perhaps there are signs going on around but you have to be quick to pick them up. Perhaps its an invitation for you to escape ..... I know its tempting but thats only a source of escape, not a long term one. 

I know that it is a learning experience, everything that I do I can benefit from it ... but sometimes you will wonder ... you will think, that why does have things got to end in a certain way. I was given a pre warning that what was falling on my lap was going to be a tough one. But I was optimistic ... I thought that with proper support I could do it. 

What makes me wonder is why some people cannot make work issues and people issues a separate thing? Fine , I know I am an emotional freak who makes decisions based on emotions. But what I mean is ... don't project your emotions on the people around you. If the situation brings about stress, just breath in and handle it with a clear mind. Don't go barking around and project your frustrations on others. Worst of all, don't go around accusing people of things and regret them later on. 

We all hate stress and wish to leave it quarantined but the truth is, we cannot escape it .... so just stand up to it. And if you look at it in a positive way, everything can be solved in a better and smoother way. If you take a deep breath and settle it as a team, things will be easier on you and definitely, solved faster too. DEFINITELY it won't spoil the mood of the people around you...

I know its a utopian thought, but people are there to help you, not exploit you. That says it all ... people skills are important. And how ironic is it that I picked up a book on people skills. A skill that should be taught to all ....

Bah ... there goes my day....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Whee! I did it again. Some reading for you.
If only I could write my name. 
Go check it out in Oh Health! Magazine
I think it will come out in the December 2009 issue,
or maybe it came out for the November one ... not too sure.
But to save you money, you can read it here.
And since the author does not get commission for every magazine sold,
 I give you full permission to read it here ...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Learning from them

It will never dawn on you that you have problems until you search for them . And since its an underlying problem, something that doesn't bother you on a daily basis, let it lie low. Let it heal by itself as time passes by. Just make sure not to aggravate it furthur. But how would you know if your aggravating it when you don't know that it is there?

Nothing is too big a problem unless its bringing you immediate harm. Unless your problem is staring at you right at your face, like being in front of a raging bull or having no water in the middle of the dessert. Unless it threatens your life, why let it bother your pretty little face? With it or without it, you still have to live your life, so why not life it in the future and imagine the best out of it? Why stay back in the past and ruminate about solving old problems? .... thus leaving you vulnarable to new problems?

Some people might not agree with me. I am not asking you to avoid your problems and shun off responsibilities. What I am saying is that you should accept your problems with a positive heart ... and think of constructive ways to solve it. Don't let your problems pull you down ... but let your problem give you a lesson.

Yes, I admit that I have a problem, a problem that has been around for a long long time. But I did not let that issue bother my daily life. For years I've lived around it, learnt to cope with it for I know it can't be solved over night. It wasn't there at all ... until a situation called. And when the time came, I remembered this problem that was presented years ago. I re-evaluated ... only to see that there was an improvement. Time, did heal itself ...... Recognizing it again will help the situation.

We can't help it ... problems will be around us all the time. But its our choice how much we want to let it afffect us.