Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mr. Freaky 329

This trip to Singapore really brought me alot of exciting experiences. Nevermind the rest of the stuff but I think this brought the best highlight. Even though the trip ain't over, I don't think there could be a more interesting experience than this. .... well, its a good lesson for me to keep my big mouth shut.

So there I was with my luggage at the lobby of my hotel. Waiting for the check in procedure..... perhaps getting bored by the 'speed' of the hotel staff , and noticed another guest waiting there. And he asked me where I was from .... thus started our conversation about local food (he is from Kenya) and some sights in KL (he came from KL to SG). Finally we got our stuff done and went to the lifts together.

Bad decision ........ same lift ...... same floor ...... same aisle ........ and turned out that he is my neighbour. So I went in, put my bags down and then .... 'KNOCK KNOCK' .

... Do you want to get dinner? ...
... No I am tired, just finished work ...
... How about a short drink? ...
... No I just want to crash, good night ...

And that was it. Though I was starving, I was just feeling dreadfully tired and didn't want to socialize .... I mean ... who goes out with strangers just like that?

So a peaceful night sleep and a stressful day at work later, I reach the hotel at 10ish, with my packed dinner ..... KNOCK KNOCK.

... Want to go for a drink? ...
... No, I need to do some work and I'm having my dinner now ...

Fine, didn't hear from him for the rest of the night. Time to enjoy the comfy beds .......... zzzzz

... RING RING ...
... Hello? ...
... Click ...
What time was it? I don't know. All I know is that I was asleep.

... RING RING ... (I checked the time and it was 3am)
... Hello? ...
... Hi, I am Mooty from 329 . Are you asleep?...
... Yes ...
... (a whole lot of crap was mentioned ... I was asleep and could not register. But what made me wake up was ....
... Do you need company tonight? ...
... No ...

So a disturbed sleep and another stressful day at work later, I thought Mr 329 would give up. So I went back, unloaded my stuff and went out for dinner again. And when I shut the door behing me, walked halfway down the aisle, guess who came out? FREAKY!!!

I don't know what made me do such a stupid thing but I hid in the stairway till the coast was clear ... haha, I guess I did not watch enought TV that said stairwells are the most dangerous places to be. hmm... give him the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps it was coincidence that he was going out. Or was he really waiting for me?

I couldn't stand it anymore. I made a complain to the reception. They were really nice people. Asked me not to be afraid. And told me that if there is anything, don't come out of the room, call them and they will come up .. they will bring security ...... wahaha ... And the hotel staff actually waited till Mr 329 came back and gave him a warning. hehe, did that stop him? I don't know ...?

No one knows who gave me the 4 missed calls in the middle of the night ........ crazy person ..... thank god he checked out today ... FINALLY! I will get a good night's sleep ....

Lesson to be learnt ... don't be friendly with people in hotels ... especially when you are a girl traveling alone ...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ces't la vie!

So here I am, typing on my mini laptop, missing my mac back home ... missing my i-tunes collection and everything about it that I seldom use but is addicted to. That's the thing about humans, the more you don't have it with you, the more you appreciate it. You'll slowly take it for granted but when it is not around, you long for the times when you can use it again .... and that's the thing with addictions ....... you can't keep your mind of it for long. Sheesh ... this is bad.

So its a new path for me, these 2 months. And I've got a project to do. Not just some lame old high school project but one that allows me to test myself, see my strenghts, allow me to grow, get me slapped and rudely awakened and perhaps, show me the light. This will probably change me in one way or another, I don't know, so people around me .... open your eyes.

In one way or another, you might say that I am on a path of discovery. I'm asking myself things that I do not know the answer too. And perhaps by the end of July, this answer might just be staring me straight in the face. It will be tiring I know .... but now's the time to do it ... so wish me luck.

I'm sitting here, my first night away, feeling a sense of joy, perhaps a little excitement of whats to come and maybe even a little fear of the uncertainty. But what I will miss is my soft bed, my family and friends, my doggie ... and my doggie!

Its true the past few months were crazy, really didn't give me any time to reflect or even live my life. Some one told me, you're only 20ish, why are you acting 40ish and killing yourself now. BOO!!!!! Its time to enjoy life .... and thats what I did .... took a little time off and just emerged myself into the world of cinematography last night.

Went for a movie marathon ... 3 shows back to back. Angels & Demons, Night at the Museum and Star Trek. (Well, 4 if you want to count the Shanghai Knights I watch on my way down) ... And what a way to cap it but with a large tub of Caramel pop corn and coke! Wahahahaha! This is life!

And my next marathon ......... Food! Buffet!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My rainbow after the storm

First of all, a big thank you to all of you who picked me up when I was a grump who almost sulked till my lips touched the ground. Thanks for throwing the rainbow back at me. Thanks for calling me a sunshine and letting me know there is happiness ahead. Thanks for taking me for Chocolate Mille Crepe! Yum

But after all the hardwork, I think I finally saw some results. My little project with the Westin KL finally kicked off ... can't wait till its inception in July. Its such a great sense of achievement to do something a little out of the ordinary ... something that can lead on to a better future perhaps. All I can say is that the Westin is just ....HEAVENLY! OK ... will not say more till we get the stamp from the GM.

And another great news is that I will be working my ass of to develop the Singapore center!! Yes, much ,more traveling, much more headaches and many more frustrations coming my way. But it will be the perfect opportunity to grow, to learn and to improve myself. It won't be easy, yes, but I get to challenge myself. Its a great measure to see how far I can go. It will be good to prove to myself that I can achieve what my heart desires.

So as a note to myself, JIA YOU!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009


I clearly remember taking a day off today. Monday is my official off day, or so I say it is. By definition, an off day is when there is no talk of work, no hassles from the office, no unrealistic demands and no head cracking and mind bothering phone calls (well, at least this is what I hope it is).

Like I said, I might only get a physical off day ....... but I need an emotional one too. Was finally to have my first day away from work after 2 weeks. But what good is it when you still have to settle office stuff early in the morning. And what is the rational that you have to be called back to the office on your day off? And it isn't the first time that this has happened ..... Sometimes I feel that its even more relaxing to be in work than to be off work .....

So what am I doing back here in the office? Its the early evening and there is so much more life out there. Why am I limiting my self and selling my soul to the office? Why do I have to attend to all the issues in the office? Why do I have to obey others so much? Why am I jeapordizing my own happiness for the benefit of others?

I really want a day of silence. A day of rest where I don't have to be reminded of work at all. A day when I can spend my time doing the things that I want. Talk to the people I like, meet the people whom I enjoy their company or simply, let my mind drift..

I don't think its that complicated a thing to ask for? Everyone has their own right to freedom. Everyone has a right to their free space, their clean breath of fresh air. I want to get away and switch of my phone. I don't want to be bugged. Sheesh .......

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Its my life, my time

Have you ever wondered how sometimes the time passes by so fast when you're having fun? Time for me is so precious, and to get a weekend free from work is almost impossible. The week came and left ... just like that. And where did the time go?

I KNOW! haha ... its a total waste of time ... but one of life's little pleasures for me is just lounging the time away, doing the things that I like to do ... perhaps you may say its pretty ridiculous. But if doing it makes me happy, then what the heck? JUST DO IT!

Don't laugh at the things I am doing ... like piecing together a 5000 piece jig saw puzzle and reassemble them (its addictive), knitting myself a second shawl even though there is no winter in KL (again its addictive), scrap booking my pictures from high school days (ah .. the memories), staring straight in my dog's eyes for hours (super cute) and watching reruns of dramas (the number one addiction).

And my latest craze, Japanese dramas that I don't have a clue on what they are saying ... thank god for sub-titles. hmm .. A good way to learn the language? Or I might just get distracted by good looking actors and actresses.

1 good recomendation .. 'My boss, my hero'. Its about this Yakuza head who has to go back to high school in order to get the crown. Its hilarious ... a serious dude acting like a high school kid? hehe you really can laugh your worries away.

So yup, sleepless nights for me, and never mind my panda eyes. This is what addiction is like. And I'm determined not to sleep till I finish this series .... another 12 chapters to go! I can do it! (and the only reason wwhy I am typing this entry now is because the drama is buffering)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My wish list

Its been an excellent 3 days of rest for me ... no doubt there was work in between but what really counted was being able to sleep in late and not having to rush around for chores.

I have half a day left to enjoy and this is what I really want. Reality aside (time constraints & monetary issues don't count as well), I would love to end my day like that. Like I said, its only my dream, but I seriously wish it could come true.

  1. Expeience winter again (the heat in KL is killing me .. I want to enjoy the cool ness of nature ... just sitting there and appreciating mother nature)
  2. Be surrounded by puppies & dogs (how innocent and happy they are. Just seeing them wag their little butts make you smile)
  3. Go for ice cream buffet ....... and I must have Swenson's sticky chewy chocolate & Baskin's rum & raisin
  4. Have a nice pampering body massage ..... all over ... (I may be a sadist but I enjoy the pain, and it feels good)
  5. Watch a nice comedy (its always good to have a good laugh even though the story line might be crap ... and it helps if the cinema is freezing)
  6. Go for dessert with friends ..... nothing beats having nice gossips with the girls over Bakerzin's dark choc cake (can't wait till next Friday!! Tiramisu is great as well!!)
  7. Just lying in bed doing nothing but listening to your favorite music (that I can do very easily and I am doing it as soon as I reach number 10)
  8. A bubble bath with lavander oil and soothing music in the background (who has a bath tub I could borrow?)
  9. A nice snuggly cuddle ... and a nice back rub
  10. Finally ...... someone to peel grapes and feed me as I lie in bed doing nothing but enjoying the rest of my lovely Sunday!