Thursday, January 14, 2010

Remedy for Headaches

It may sound weird but 100-plus really works to relieve your headache... you don't need to eat unhealthy drugs to ease it or go to a hypnotherapist to relieve the pain. All you need to do is go to 7-11 to buy a 1.5L bottle of 100-plus. This is how it works:-

J : I got headache la ..... what to do?
P : Drink 100-plus, it is good.
J : But I want fruit juice
P : 100- plus better
So we went across the road to buy 100-plus. After drinking it and 2 hours later ...
J : I feel like puking!
P : See it works! Now you don't have a headache anymore!

So ladies and gentlemen, distraction techniques work. Shift the uncomfort from your head to your tummy.

So trash your panadols .... drugs don't do you good! Reach for a bottle of cool refreshing isotonic drink!

Friday, January 1, 2010

A wonderful start to the New year!

Wishing all of you a bright and cheerful start to the new year. How we want our year to be will be controled by none other than US. How we want to see the year is destined by our perception. So if YOU make the best out of it, then no matter what, it will be a GOOD year!

And thanks to the bunch, I ushered in the new year on a positive and happy tone. It was a high start for me (literally)!

We took a short road trip to Melaka. And it was a last minute planned trip too! Talk about spontanuity. So 8 of us left KL seperately and met up at Jonker Street. Had some laughs, some hugs and some tourist-y acts. And soon enough, our vacation tummies started to rumble and we decided to have seafood dinner at the portugese settlement. Ooh ... I absolutely love seafood. We had garlic prawns, portugese baked sotong, cheese crabs, kam hiong crab, portugese grill fish, marmite chicken and kangkung for only RM 30 per head. Worth it!

Not to mention that the houses along the roads were so nicely decorated for Christmas. The lights, the 'snowman', and everything twinkling just adds so much feel to the festivities. All the time we were there, kids were just playing fireworks ... yea, noisy & smelly but it brought along the festive cheer. Haha .... we even had one fire work explode at our feet.

Like all Malaysians, this trip was a food trip! Immediately after dinner, we went to eat see-hum/ cockles. haha ... we were really squatting on little stools in the back alley by the drain to snack on those little bites. hmm.... a little unhygenic but anything goes in the name of good food. Also, quite a few TV food guides recommend that place ... hehe, it made us feel like we were illegal immigrants on the run.

After our see hum, we went for oh- chien/ oysters. hehe we were stuffed to the max. So imagine this, eight people seated around a table with only 1 plate of oh-chien in the middle. haha, the shop keeper was reallly 'staring cock' at us! well, anything in the name of good food.

Then we tried to rush to eye of Malaysia for the countdown, but due to traffic, we counted down in the car! It was jolly anyway!! So we finally made our way to the Eye! Its beautiful! Big, white and grand! So we went for a ride ...... hmm, nothing really interesting to shout about but its an experience .... a good time well spent with close friends!

I loved it! Even though we were super tired, it was definitely a good way to start a new year!