Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The look of someone sleepy & couldn't care less

The look of pure white innosence

The evil look of a robber on the prowl
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The look any confused cutie pies have

The look of a poor helpless soul at your mercy

The look of someone deep in meditation

The look of someone cheeky going to pounce on you

How I wish I could still cuddle my Zeus like this

Monday, April 27, 2009

I am not a junkie!

Is it really that difficult to get away from it all? I think its perfectly fine o have a day off. And when I mean day off, means you shut your mind off from anything work related, or the event that is causing you stress. No doubt we can't stop the mind from thinking of those issues .... but having to work with it or to deal  with it?

Work can be as addictive as marijuana. Yea, perhaps the public's perception of you would be better if one says your are a work-a-holic as opposed to being a marijuana-a-holic. But the effects are the same. The more you take it, the more you enjoy it. The longer you are furthur away from it, the more you think about it. And when you try to escape it, signs of it just keep bugging you. Do you notice when you are trying to cut out the drug, people will bug you and peer pressure escalates? Same goes with work ..... you will be stuck with it. Like it or not.

But for those with discipline, they leave a lee space for marijuana free days. Days when they can breath or days when they can escape from the side effects of it all. But can I escape? Perhaps only if I become an a$$ and shut of from the outside world. Perhaps I should hide in a cave where no one can reach me.

I try for these marijuana free days, but it doesn't exist in my life. People just inject me with it. And perhaps for me not to fall and die from the withdrawal symptoms ... perhaps I just need to open my arms and let me stab away.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cool getaway

Just step out of your house today and you will notice the jam, the heat, concrete all around you, grouchy faces around you and not to mention the grime and dirt. But when you have to work perhaps 10 hours a day and 7 days a week, where do you get time to run away for a little while? To escape?

hmm, the answer lies just a little drive away from KL, in Cheras. Its the Look out point! Pretty near to 'little Genting' but even nicer as the have cafes and nice parking spots. Not to mention much safer than little Genting.

It was awesome that night. It was just after the rain, just after a delicious seafood dinner (loved the salted egg crabs) and all of us were high from pure laughter. We went to 'look out point' and there was mist! Exactly like Genting. Just the perfect weather .... a little chilly but not too cold .... sitting there by the excellent view of KL's night line .... with a nice cup of mango blended .... ahhh... a perfect little getaway!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sleep is important

I may not be a medical practitioner but there is one thing that I can prescribe to you .... SLEEP!
When ever you are not feeling well, or if there is something bothering you or if your brain seems to have stopped working or even if you are irritated to the brim with something, SLEEP!

I don't only mean your routine 6 or 7 hours of sleep, but more of a day's worth of sleep. And it never felt so good in ages! True, I may have been lacking in sleep for a while and stuff has been messing up my thoughts lately ... making me so easily irritated and groggy the whole day.

And a good sleep does wonders ... an afternoon in followed by a long nap .. followed by an early night in ..... That, my friends, is sheer pleasure! It just lightens you up! It brings back the sanity to your mind .. allows you to not worry so easily and prioritize your thoughts. It makes you realize that work is work but life is not all about work!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Is it the right time?

When you are young, perhaps it’s the best time for you to groom your future. Perhaps its time to grow your network, your experience, your bank book and even your mental capabilities. There is this Chinese saying that goes, ‘you should bend a bamboo while it is still young’ …. Ok, I might not be that young … and my bones are already cracking … can I still bend?

Where is my priority right now? I really don’t know … I know I want a steady structure and I also know I want a cushion I can fall back on. Its wise for me to secure my self right now but also wise for me to take a deep breath and analyze the situation. Should I choose to buy a 10 year financial plan package now or should I save up in the traditional FD for my retirement fund?

They say that opportunities only knocks once. And this one seems like a pretty good visitor. One that will of course give me happiness and show me a bright future or it might also be one who might bring me to the ultimate path via a short cut where I might hurt other people. So am I ready to meet this person who is knocking on my door?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tour of the underground

Went to catch a movie last night with a group of friends after class. Watched 'Knowing'. It’s a pretty silly movie if you ask me. Perhaps it was actually a long advertisement trying to sell GPS navigators to those who want to save their own lives. Or perhaps it’s a movie that tries to debunk the facts from DSM IV and says that you are not crazy if you hallucinate and hear whispers.

What ever it is, I left the cinema laughing …. Thinking ‘oh! How happy those two kids will be’ (you’ll have to watch it to understand it.

Anyway the highlight of the movie only came after the movie, finding our car at B2 G2. Yea, the bad thing about 1 Utama is that they close most of the exits in the mall, shut of most carpark lifts and lock the staircase entrances. Its like a trap … a fire hazard, unless you want to jump of the balcony of the 5th floor carpark.

So there we were, walking round and round 5th floor till we finally found a lift … that only brought us to ground floor. Well, better than nothing. We went to the ground floor and made our way manually to B2 only to walk around and around and around. With no guards around and no red coded pillars around, we were lost. And being stuck in the basement, a flooding hazard, I was sweating like a pig.

Thank god we had 2 guys with us. If not I would have freaked out! So our next most rational thing to do was, go back to the ground floor and walk along the road side. At least I get a better bearing of where we are and where we can head too. So yup, we were stuck at the new wing but our car was at the hotel. Whee ….. we walked along the highway and crossed roads, only to walk back to the basement of the unloading bay.

It was the only area that had lights. So back into basement one and we walked round and round, trying to find a ramp, a flight of stairs or a lift that brought us to B2. None!! It was stuffy and stinking of garbage …. I can’t imagine this is 1 Utama. And along the way, we bumped into a few other stray lost kittens like ourselves … what kind of management is this?

Finally we found a guard on a bike … showed him the picture of our parking spot B2 G2 (thank god for camera phones) and guess what!!! HE DID NOT KNOW WHERE IT WAS!!!

But he took one of my guy friends around on his bike, searching for the car …. And it took forever. In the end, we found out that they had to exit 1 Utama, go in through the One World Hotel carpark and only through the unloading bay to B2 G2. This is the ultimate underground maze! And this adventure took us almost 50 minutes!!!

A lesson to be learnt! Always park near the cinema if you are watching a midnight movie! Never trust ‘MORE PARKING’ signs that lead you from the new wing to the old wing to the hotel … and most important of all … always carry pepper spray as you’ll never know when you’ll be lost in the basement again.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Mumm F1 Celebration Finale Party 2009 ft Valiram Group

Dressing up in your office toilet is pretty fun .... especially when you are looking forward to the event thats coming up. I love the big mirror and the yellow lighting ... but not good for applying make-up tho .... eesh ... that reminds me my dog actually chewed up my eyeliner ... sob sob, no smoky eyes. And it feels kind of good to go out in the middle of the work week for party!!

Went to Pavillion, KL for an event that my dearest Annie organized. The Mumm F1 Celebration Finale Party 2009 ft Valiram Group. haha okok .... it was an eye opener for me to. Going for an event where everyone was dressed up, sipping champagne, snacking on canapes and posing for cameras (the formal style). There were good looking people everywhere ..... really really good looking ones ... hehe Hanna Tan was one of them. Even the waiters there looked so smart.

Of course ... what do you expect? Its was an event for socialites and high flyers ... and lots of expats. hehe so it was a privilege to be invited. Were any F1 drivers there? haha ... I would not even know even if I stood right in front of one.

But all I know is that there is no 1 definition for party. It can come in any shape, size, musical background, environment or the crowd around you. And all I know is that with my friends around, any party would be a great party.