Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tip for wellbeing # 2

Get outside

Walking/jogging is not only a great exercise. You get to spend time with yourself while exercising your body. You get to engage into conversations with the people you walk/ jog with. If you have a pet, run with them too. You will thank yourself for making the effort to keeping fit and your pet will be happy to spend time bonding with you.

Come to think of it, I am a little out of shape too. I'll probably need to start hitting the road, wearing my shoes and go out for a nice walk. Hmm, hope I'll manage to cut down a few inches before my next holiday. I wanna look good in those pictures. So I'll do it tomorrow!

And since I posted it on my blog, I don't think there's any running away

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tip for wellbeing #1

I am back after a long break. So many things happened along the way but I am proud to say that I have achieved a dream ... a dream since young. Though it is going to be tough to sustain this dream .... I will do it witth my sense of accompplishment.

And I will share the joy of accomplishment and help you to become a better person, full of confidence and courage. Yes, through this blog I am going to help you increase your sense of wellbeing. Yea!! Towards a better future.

Tip #1
Eat more fruits and veggies. Try to have 5 servings of them Keep cut fruits in your fridge so it is easily accessible anytime you feel like snacking. Leave your blender on standby so you can have juice anytime you feel like it.

Thats our huge serving of Garden Salad at Barbera's Cafe @ Bangsar yesterday. We went there for a Toastmasters Installation night. Food there was gopod and the ambience was just perfect for a little party. Nothing spells Italian better than good food, good wine, nice music and a wonderful group of friends for company.