Thursday, January 14, 2010

Remedy for Headaches

It may sound weird but 100-plus really works to relieve your headache... you don't need to eat unhealthy drugs to ease it or go to a hypnotherapist to relieve the pain. All you need to do is go to 7-11 to buy a 1.5L bottle of 100-plus. This is how it works:-

J : I got headache la ..... what to do?
P : Drink 100-plus, it is good.
J : But I want fruit juice
P : 100- plus better
So we went across the road to buy 100-plus. After drinking it and 2 hours later ...
J : I feel like puking!
P : See it works! Now you don't have a headache anymore!

So ladies and gentlemen, distraction techniques work. Shift the uncomfort from your head to your tummy.

So trash your panadols .... drugs don't do you good! Reach for a bottle of cool refreshing isotonic drink!